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Price: 315,000 euros
Uniquely constructed Cavity brick walled Country Farm House, Sierra de Las Nieves, Spain.
By thoughtful design the home provides a feeling of open space, with sufficient area for two cosy bedrooms, cellar, kitchen/lounge, dining room with adequate bathroom facilities. Fully legalised and built to a high thermal standard in 2004. Living with a fully functional off grid solar system since. Plenty of water by secured irrigation, storage tanks, ponds and town supply. The spectacular private location in the Mountains offers organically maintained land, of 40,000m2 provides mainly quality Avocado and Olive. Including a separate ruin with title of 3,000m2.
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Uniquely constructed Cavity brick walled Country Farm House.

By thoughtful design the house provides a feeling of open space, with sufficient area for two bedrooms, Kitchen/Lounge and dinning room with adequate bathroom facilities.

Legally built in 2004. Using a well recognised United Kingdom standard of construction, using rock/wool insulation between brick cavities. A tiled insulated sandwich timber roof giving a well insulated construction. Being lived in as a private home since finishing in 2005.

It is within the park boundaries, which should continue to give the area protection and isolation, with stunning views day and night. In a mostly forested mountain environment of the Sierra de Las Nieves. The land has ancient well maintained terraces, with easily maintainable water runs.

Driving or walking down from Yunquera, heading South finds you entering the Tolox, Rio Grande valley at about six hundred meters above sea level. The property is only located four minutes from the last tarmac road south. The driving distance to Málaga airport is one hour.

The private house road, has a steep concrete access, shared with hospitable neighbours. A bit unnerving first time, but we have not had any problems with access in the past.

With a lot of well constructed terraced areas giving shade when needed at different times of year, enhanced with natural running ponds, also with a filtered dip pool gives comfortable living all year round, once the first annual cycle has been understood.

The house has metered piped mains village water, heated by gas boiler and an eight panel high quality solar system, that provides enough electricity for the house and extra pump use.

Shared allotted times for irrigation water, allows for all year water use and storage. Protected from the strongest winds and weather we receive proven bountiful harvests of Avocado, Olive, Almond, Custard fruit and recently planted Mango trees, which have their first fruit.

After many enjoyable years of hard work, being cosy in winter, burning only land wood on the antique but very functional wood burner.

Managing well with the summer heat by shutting and opening windows at the right times of day, which allows the temperature not to rise high in the house. We do not get many mosquito as we use local river fish in the ponds, which eat the lavae.

Refining the property gradually by adding granite worktops, high quality low maintenance equipment, keeping on top of important issues when needed, will make the home easier to pass over to a new able owner.

The land has been a pleasurable worthwhile challenge and will show continued good returns in the future. We only have used permaculture and organic methods while growing, the results are seen by the quality of the fruit, which always sells for a good price. With continued watering and care you can expect an annual returns of a 1,000 euros for Avocado. 120 litres of olive oil. Carob fruit for flour, Pomegranate and other easy to grow vegetables. Also good almonds to store for a year, not forgetting Custard apple, Pear, Cherries and Quince.

An itinerary of land tools, machinery and fitted out workshop with a connecting steel and wood shade covering for a small car or workspace, also a chicken house in the same area. In the valley we built a wood summer house for helpers that have passed through over the last 14 years, a self contained unit with basic facilities.

We would be pleased to introduce new owners to the ways of the land and area, showing how to keep everything running smoothly.

My neighbours have been helpful since being here, they would be pleased to assist if the land is left for a period of time, none of them live in the properties around the area as they prefer to live in their village houses.

The closest neighbour Jose Manuel, keeps the odd horse and a few goats, it has always been a particular pleasure leaning from him.

At this time we also water, clear weeds and maintain our English neighbours land and house, we have received payments, which has been good to supplement our income. A compiled spreadsheet can show the previous 3 years accounts.

Eventually it will be time for us to return to our Grandchildren in Guernsey. Channel Islands.

We offer the high valued house with lands of approximately 40,000m2. Including the house ruin above the property, which has a separate title and was bought separately 10 years ago, the part built stone structure has possibilities.

They are offered for sale together, as a successful organic farming project or retreat, with private road access. Unusually with a very comfortable thought out country home, with plenty of water.

With all previous legalisations documented and paid in full at the time, any future owner can be assured we have stayed on top of previous transactions, we have an understanding team that should make a home change possible in this special area.

If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0182

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0182