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Price: 500,000 euros
Off Grid Organic Quinta with Vineyard, 5Ha, Central Portugal.
Nestled in the arms of the Serra Gardunha Mountains Di-Vine Quinta is a traditional stone building which provides a healthy and safe dwelling. Organically farmed for the last 6 years, producing up to a 1000 litres of rich, fruity, port-like wine and an Aguardente distilled in an alambique (copper still). 2/3 bedrooms, amazing bathroom and shower, large open plan kitchen/diner/lounge, large outdoor commercial triple sink and a second outdoor kitchen - used most of the year. Outbuildings - 4 for wine, food preparation, workshops etc.There is ample water on the land: 3 water mines, 2 streams, and 8 deep ponds. More details

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Rare Opportunity to Purchase an Off-Grid Organic 5 Hectare Farm in Portugal

Nestled in the arms of the Serra Gardunha Mountains in the Baixa de Beira, in Central Portugal, sits this little piece of heaven on earth called 'Di-Vine Quinta'. It has been certified as organic with Sativa for the last 3 years but has been organically farmed for the last 6 years.

It produces up to a 1000 litres of rich, fruity, port-like wine - from the remaining must is produced the Aguardente distilled in an alambique (copper still), as it has been for centuries. This is used to make delicious organic liqueurs using fruits from the farm. To date we have tangerine, bitter orange, lemon, fig, strawberry, Ginjinha (wild cherry), pear, mulberry and more. It is also used for herbal tinctures made with wild-crafted herbs.

The area is known as the fruit bowl of Portugal, famous for its cherries and other fruits, fed by the mineral rich waters of the Gardunha (means sanctuary). It is an immensely abundant area that naturally leads to integral part of the Portuguese culture. The locals are warm and friendly and think nothing of dropping by with a homemade cheese or sausages, or an armful of watermelons. There is a wonderful community spirit here with a strong diverse input of different nationalities. In fact things are really coming together here with the recent formation of an organic co-operative with twice monthly markets backed by the local Councils. Things are taking off. From the early spring right through the year you can find a local Feste (festival) almost every weekend ... music, dancing, food, drink and even medieval enactments - of which Monsanto and Belmonte are renowned. The pace of life is relaxed and naturally in harmony with has to be, this is an agricultural area. Rich in history with historic monuments and castles dotted all over Portugal. The Portuguese are warm and friendly, more gentle in their demeanor than the Spanish or Italians, they celebrate and cherish their long affiliation with Britain...recorded since the 13th century. Life is definitely relaxed here with time to eat, be with family and friends and just enjoy. Here all aspects found in the book 'The Blue Zones' - which highlights the practices which lead to longevity and health, can be met. Be prepared to throw away your watch, knowing that everything that has to be done...will harmony with the seasons and rhythms of Gaia.

There is ample water on the land: 3 water mines, 2 streams, and 8 deep ponds - As well as 2 concrete water tanks and a pond for ducks and geese. The organization of the irrigation system is work in progress.

Olive for olive oil (last year 2000+ kilos and eating Olives (Cordovil mostly), fig (usually 500kilos), plums, apricost, peach, cherry, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, apple, mulberry, loquat, persimmon, pomegranate, almond and hazelnut are just some of the tree varieties we have. There is a large vegetable garden with raised beds.

Organic hay bales are produced from the meadow areas of the land, which could be used for rearing animals or more growing. There is a large double chicken pen - enclosed due to foxes, but the ducks and geese roam free in the day.

Di-Vine Quinta is a traditional stone building. The stone is local quartz-impregnated granite - it sparkles, it blocks out EM stress and provides a healthy and safe dwelling. The walls are about 50cm thick. The stone assures a cool environment in the warmth of the summer and a cozy winter. The house consists of the following:

A kitchen dining/living area - also warmed by a wood burning stove. 7 or more months of the year we use an outdoor kitchen which was a former tractor shed. This has ample storage cupboards made of solid pine, a tiled work surface, a gas hob and fittings for an electric cooker should you chose to install one. There is a cold water tap.

There is also a commercial outdoor triple sink in stainless steel with 1 hot and 2 cold taps. This is ideal for washing the trays of an Excalibur dehydrator - It sits nestled next to a smaller, more formal garden with flowers and herbs as well as a fig tree and a bench to sit on and just be.

There are 2 bedrooms, also spacious and airy - each with its own wood burning stove. These are usually only used about 4 times during the winter, just to warm up the walls. A third room would make another bedroom if desired but is currently used as a study, which has points for TV.

Then there is the bathroom, converted from a pig sty...with the same eclectic inspiration and care as the whole Quinta has. It is tiled with Italian limestone and mosaics, with a rustic pebbled floor. The centre piece is a black, cast-iron, oval bath of German make - built for two. The rain shower is circular, converted from the pig house tiled in Italian glass mosaics with recessed ceiling lights. It has to be seen and heard and just experienced. We have offered a 'Romantic bath' for couples with handmade soaps and products, music and our wine - whilst we baby sit!!!

There is another large storage building affectionately called 'the Hilton' because we stayed in there whilst the rebuild was happening. It was the original wine production area but now is a superb storage building for the many delicious and luxurious products made on the farm. The 'Alchemy' of liquors and other edibles happens in here. It has been fully insulated and tiled. You could decide to use this for wine and olives once again.

There is a small building called the 'washroom', which was converted from a water tank. It houses a fridge and freezer, as well as the plumbing for a washing machine and dryer. It is home to 3 Excalibur dehydrators and is one of the creative hubs on the farm.

These 3 buildings (house, Hilton and washroom) form a Courtyard, tiled in traditional Portuguese lime cobbles, with the design of a bunch of grapes forming a focal centre piece. There is an offset roof over the bathroom and study giving a shady and sheltered walkway which continues around the bedrooms and kitchen.

Then there is another huge area called the Adega - currently used for making/storing the wine and curing the garlic/onion harvests. The Outback photovoltaic system is installed here. We also sit here by moonlight processing the wine must.

There is a marbled terrace next to the Hilton, with a compass design and a fantastic view over the land and the Gardunha. This would be the perfect location for a Jacuzzi - where you could enjoy the long summer evenings.

There is a traditional stone bread oven, perfect for pizzas and whole roast lamb; it adjoins another terraced area with river stones and a plunge pool.

There is a purpose built storage area that has the highest vantage point on the would make a perfect Granny annex or an Air BnB.

Finally, there is a 6 sided straw bale building, called the 'Earth Temple'...a sacred space indeed, where I work with clients. My work is in health and well-being, plus running workshops and courses. It would make a wonderful writers or artists hideaway.

All accommodation is flexible; the decided usage is your choice....

The land just over 5 hectares is eligible for a local annual agricultural grant which will possibly double in 2020 for organically registered farms. Presently, it is about 700 euros. The land is gently terraced and easily accessible for a tractor. There is an occupied honey bee hive within its own bee garden near to the house.

There is a pile of recently brought granite, enough to construct a 'Hobbit House' and the potential for more stones - by taking down an old storage shed on the lower lands. There could be permission for a 250 m2 building, with local council consent. Permission was obtained for the straw bale building with relative ease. The land has been cleared in line with the recent Government laws for fire protection.

Much has been achieved but the potential to caretake and further this, as your project, is limited only by your vision...e-mail me for more details or to arrange a viewing. Price offers around 500K euros. We are looking for a quick sale and completion. The legal process here is simple and can be rapid compared to the UK.

See Sustainablity Report for further information about house construction etc..View Report

If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0179

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Courtyard with traditional Portuguese Lime Cobbles

Olive Tree and Vine Terrace

Gates and Walled Entrance to Property

Bathroom with Kaldewei Cast Iron Duo Bath

Entrance to Second Bedroom

Indoor Kitchen with Bronpi Wood Burning Oven

Principle Bedroom

Second Bedroom with Wood Burning Fire

Outdoor Kitchen

Courtyard View of Outdoor Kitchen and Shower

Tool Shed and Steps, Possible Granny Annexe, Air B&B

Traditional Bread Pizza Oven

Garlic Harvest curing in Adega showing Solar System

Earth Temple - straw bale

View of Pool and River Stone Terrace

Courtyard and Covered Walkway in Front of House

Hilton Outbuilding showing Farm Produce

Walk in Rain Shower with Italian Glass Mosaic tiles

Chicken Coops

View of Triple Outdoor Sink from The Herb Garden

Washroom showing Excalibur Dehydrators, gas fired Hot water for Outdoor Sink

View through Archway to Second Courtyard
If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0179