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Luxury Ranches /Ecological Organic Farm, Costa Rica
Luxury Ranches /Ecological Organic Farm and edible forest/ Aquaponics / successful vegan food production business. Located in the heart of the Blue Zone in the Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
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The eco-farm consists of 52 hectares (129 acres) of mixed edible forest with open fields and terraces and its private nature sanctuary consisting of around 23 hectares with annual government payment for conservation.

The property has recently received a bank valuation of $1.1 Million but the price has been reduced to encourage a faster sale.

The topographical layout of the property makes it ideal for an eco-hotel development/commune, nature/wildlife tourism as well as residential development since the whole property is layed out in perfect natural terraces. Ample areas within the property with amazing views of the valley below as well as the beautiful forested mountains of the biological corridor above.

An enchanting place, full of wildlife and springs from natural sources of pure water that are born and flow from the heart of the forest, forming beautiful waterfalls that give life to a place of incomparable natural beauty.

The property has two beautiful houses practically new and will be sold fully furnished, one of them with a colonial ranch design with the its distribution having a large living room, dining room, full kitchen, 1 guest full bathroom, 3 bedrooms (one of them very spacious with private bathroom), a very large workshop that can easily be converted into another master bedroom or entertainment area, a beautiful corridor with columns that give way to the main entrance of the house and the continuing corridor turns into a terrace with breathtaking views to the valley.

The other house consists of a modern design with large windows, taking in the most of the surrounding landscape and receiving the maximum amount of natural light, with large terraces surrounded by an artificial lake with an impressive waterfall, with huge rocks that complement a charming bridge that passes over the lake becoming the main entrance of the house. All this allows the interior and exterior of the house to become a magical and natural haven to be enjoyed throughout the day.

This house has a large living room with direct access to 2 main terraces, kitchen and dining room, the master suite has a very spacious bedroom with a luxury bathroom with its own cascading fountain , and a large double walk in closet. There is also an office room next to the kitchen. The house also has a separate guest area which has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and laundry room.

This beautiful eco-farm has four natural springs, one of them flows continuously throughout the whole year and it provides the water utilized in both houses as well as the industrial type kitchen and the aquaponics/fish farm.

Asides the 2 houses, the property has a new building of 95 square meters of which 50 square meters are intended for the production of vegan products with a fully equipped industrial kitchen, 45 square meters to an event room and 365 square meters to a greenhouse with a unique system of Aquaponics .

In these uncertain times, with global oceanic over-fishing, climate change, among many other problems, it is essential to find alternative and ecological systems that provide us with a secure, nutritious and continuous food supply.

The building and system provides exactly this alternative. The benefits and applications are vast, and an international eco-tourism educational center can be developed to teach others.

With this idea was designed this unique system in Costa Rica consisting of 6 reinforced concrete tanks 14 meters long X 1 wide and 1 1/2 deep with capacity of 5000 fish such as tilapias or guapotes making a total of 30,000 fish every 6 months. Spirulina could also be grown in the tanks instead of fish. This system works in conjunction with the cultivation of organic vegetables which are nourished by the nitrogen of the water of the tanks with the fish, the plants filter and oxygenate the water simultaneously. The system does not waste any water. It is a closed loop system and the only consumption of water is by the growth of vegetables and natural evaporation.

A very successful vegan-vegetarian food manufacturing business with a trademark registered brand in Costa Rica called APAME is included in the sale of the property with a large clientele and amazing business growth potential.

The eco-farm has large areas of producing edible forest. What once were previously cattle pastures have now been converted into what are now more than 1000 edible fruit bearing trees. There are about 60 different types of fruits species of which there is always at least one kind of fruit available for consumption anytime of the year.

Many endangered species of native trees have been planted in several areas of the property. More than 2500 Ron Ron trees, as well as more than 3000 native endangered trees of different species.

Asides the amazing flora, the native fauna is even more impressive. Within the property there is an amazing variety of exotic native and migratory birds which has turned the farm into an ornithologist's paradise. There is also an amazing variety of mammals who call the property their home. Large felines such as jaguarundis, pumas, ocelots have been frequently sighted here. As well as white tail deer, howler monkeys, white face/capuchin monkeys, coyotes, coatis, raccoons, ant eaters, kinkajous, etc..

There are also many trails inside the property with easy access inside the forest with amazing views. There are also Chorotega archaeological ruins as well as creeks with natural pools and waterfalls fed by springs born inside the property which are completely private and are active for more than 7 months in the year or more depending on the amount of rainfall received.

There are also two vehicles included with the sale. One of them is a 2006 Mitsubishi Montero GLS 4X4. The other is a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick 4X4. Both vehicles are in excellent condition.

The asking price for the property and business is $870,000 US Dollars with possible partial owner financing after the initial payment of $525,000 US Dollars has been made. The financing would be at 2% for up to 12 years.

The property can be segregated as well into separate parcels. Each house with 2 hectares of land for the firm price of $280,000 US kitchen and aquaponics building with functioning business, training and registered brand for $310,000 US dollars.

There is ample opportunity for business growth and combined with the aquaponic production, the yearly net income for both combine business could easily surpass $100,000 US dollars.

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0146