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SP0131 - Farm / smallholding for sale in the mountains in Andalucia, Spain.

We have given this property a rating of 4 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

The cortijo has been build in a traditional design but is modernly solid built with concrete and iron.

The roof construction rests on chestnut beams, cane, concrete and is insulated. Finished partially with slate stone and partially with gravel.

Double walls (on the inside ceramic bricks with air chambers, outside Natural stone) of more than 45cm thick.


Well fitting wood with double glazing (exceptional quality for local standards.

Double glazed.


Heating House?
Wood stove in living room/kitchen and the studio.

Heating Water?
Gas heater.

Cooking method?
Gas stove.

2 solar panels, 3 batteries. All light in the house is on 12V LED. 4 220V sockets in the house.

There are 3 origins/types of water on the property:

1. irrigation water coming from the communal water system and stored in a large reservoir

2. water in the house is provided from a water stream and storage system of 1600liter

3. drinking water is collected at the spring on the property .

Food production?
About 2,5 hectares of land is planted with mature almond trees (Marcona and Comuna varietal). Furthermore you find chestnut, walnut, fig, apple, apricot, cherry, quince, olive and more in various classes of maturity. Then there is a plot near the house in use as vegetable garden, a chicken pen and a dog pen. The upper part of the land is now left to nature but is classified to be irrigated and can therefore be cultivated.

Food production - %?
About 40%, mainly because of lack of focus.

Income possibilities?
Almonds (organically certified) plus whatever you might want to develop! The land is considered "lo mejor" and the finca has allways been a local favorite. The studio is ideal for retreats and writing, painting, etc.

Owners opinion on sustainable features:
Off-the-grid, self sufficient, beautiful terraces, clean, 15+ years organically certified (CAEE), paperwork 100% in order.

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